Appraiser Enrollment

We are currently accepting applications in limited areas of the U.S. If you are interested in finding out if we are adding appraisers in your coverage area, please submit your contact information to us.

If you encounter issues or have questions, please email [email protected].

If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please contact [email protected].

If there are multiple associates in your firm, please note that each associate must complete a separate form.

All requested items listed below are maintained in a confidential manner and all are a requisite requirement for approval.

  • Copy of current licenses, certifications, and designations.

    • Please be advised, MyAMC requires all approved appraisers to be fully (not probationary or suspended) licensed for a minimum of three years. Any discipline history must be reviewed by the MyAMC compliance officer prior to boarding.

    • Trainees are not permitted to be enrolled on the MyAMC panel. However, even though most institutional investors do not allow trainees to sign as primary appraisers, MyAMC is deeply committed to the appraisal industry, and to the continuity of the appraisal profession. To that end, we not only allow, but encourage appraisers to designate professional assistance provided by trainees within the body of the report(s). It is our understanding that this is adequate documentation of trainee experience in all states, AND any type of trainee license does not apply to the 3 year timeframe.

    • All licenses must be in good standing with your Appraiser Board with no prior or current disciplinary action from any State Appraisal Board.

  • Current resume that includes business client lists, references, documentation of level of experience as well as recent appraisal coursework.

  • Copy of the Declaration Page from your Professional Liability Insurance Policy.

  • Individual Appraiser Application completed in its entirety, including the Methodology-Geographic Competency Form.

  • Completed and signed W-9 Form (found on IRS website

  • Minority Business Certificate (if applicable).

The following is a brief overview of MyAMC’s policies and requirements. You will be provided a more detailed overview in the “Welcome Package”, if approved. Please be sure to review these requirements prior to submitting an application with MyAMC.

  • Completion of this Independent Contractor Application does not constitute approval. If approved as one of MyAMC’s Independent Contractors, work is assigned based on quality, need and availability. There is never a guarantee of work.

  • Reports are expected to comply with The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and be completed in compliance with the requirements of FIRREA and Government Regulatory Agencies. All reports are to be UAD/EAD compliant as applicable.

  • Any third party confidential information learned in the course of the contractual relationship must be kept confidential (GLBA).

  • MyAMC will only utilize properly licensed/certified appraisers in good standing (no trainee, probationary or suspended) for appraisal assignments (see comment above for clarification regarding trainees). You are required to notify MyAMC in the event you have been disciplined by any state or have surrendered a license in lieu of discipline.

  • MyAMC requires all appraisers to submit their reports through our ValuLink system and ACISky delivery. You are responsible for completing and delivering the appraisal orders within the timeframe noted on the original assignment form. If you are unable to meet the established deadline, you must notify MyAMC immediately upon receipt of the order request.

  • For interior inspection orders, MyAMC requires all appraisers to communicate the appointment status via the website within 24 hours of receipt of the appraisal order. We will not call you if you update the website.

  • Your communication with MyAMC must be delivered to MyAMC via our website.

  • Completed reports are required to be uploaded to our website for automated review and delivery. When an upload of the appraisal is complete, MyAMC’s automated rules engine will review your appraisal and notify you of any potential errors made on the appraisal form. We require that you correct any errors prior to final delivery to MyAMC.

  • Invoicing: Except in cases of any state specific regulations, all independent contractors must use the MyAMC website invoicing feature to enter an electronic invoice in a statement form.

    • Completed work orders can be added to the E-invoice system one business day after the work order has been fulfilled.

Please note that it is the vendor’s responsibility to maintain the MyAMC Order Number for all billable products, and all fees are confirmed within the order engagement. Additionally, MyAMC shall have no financial responsibility to make payment for services not billed or invoiced by Vendor within one (1) year of the date the services were performed. MyAMC is not responsible for lost or misdirected invoices or invoices it does not have record of receiving.

For preliminary review and consideration, please email [email protected].